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Sushicrowd Community

We're keeping in sugoi!

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Welcome to Sushicrowd, the community of sushipop-culture. Sushicrowd is originally based on oriental arts, anime, and philosophy, and local group type society. Sushicrowd is established for everyone around the world to understand society, culture, and politics. We encourage LJ users to post their feedback and findings of sushipop-culture such as anime, videogames, and music on the web. Fansubs of japanese action shows, U get the idea.

RULES----Yes we must have order, any violation of these rules will result your membership terminated and you will be banned from Sushicrowd.

1. No insulting, mocking or degrading of any members will be allowed. Please respect each other. Any racist, sexist, religious attacks or death threats will bring in immediate suspension, no questions asked. Play nice peeps, you aren't impressing anyone with your macho uber attitude.

2. If you are going to post images, please link the images. PLEASE POST APPROPRIATE IMAGES!

-Other Suggestions-

1. Any promotion in this community must be sushipop appropriate. This includes but not necessarily limited to: anime, video games, music, tv, movies. No ads about a revolutionary new diet pill.

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